spindrift surfboards


Every SpinDrift surfboard is handmade with heart and soul by Jeff Pollack.  The man has saltwater and foam dust flowing through his veins.  If you are in tune with your surfing you will feel the difference in the flow of a SpinDrift surfboard.  If you are looking to take your surfing to the next level, Jeff will work with you to create the perfect board to match your style and help your progression.  Forward thinking finds its way into futuristic quad finned swallow tails that still pay homage to the classic retro fish, while being anything but retro.  These fish are great from small and mushy to well overhead and punchy waves…if you really want to flash forward to the future check out the outlaw series and you might start envisioning the lip of a wave as the coping on a skate ramp.  These boards will help take your small wave riding skills to the next level, and will really fly when the surf picks up to slightly overhead.

For when the surf gets good this shaper is well versed in the designs of the modern performance shortboard. Choose from three fin thruster or quad fin setups.  A classic single stringer down the middle or the progressive new parabolic stringers running the length of the rails.  EPS epoxy foam or polyester.  The choices are numerous and the quality is always high.  The performance shortboard makes for a great travel board or for “when the wave down the street looks like the wave of your dreams.”

For your soul surf search try a classic retro fish, egg, or longboard.  Or, the the new craze that has resurfaced from that old beach boy style,  go for a stand up paddle board.  Whatever your forte SpinDrift surfboards can help you satisfy your wave sliding needs.

So, when you are ready for a custom surfboard built to suit your style, start at SpinDriftSurfboards.com

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